Five Important CSS Hacks Tips for IE, Every Designer Should Know.

A lot of web developers still finding the best way to build a cross browser website. Especially showing it on ie6 browser,Internet Explorer old logo your beautiful looking website in Mozilla can become ugly and hideous website. I’m not discouraging you guys but this is the truth. Staying out late at night designing your website will be such a waste if not be able to show it to all the internet user right? So why having a website that looks better in ie’s browser is also important? The main question is:

Why? Why? Why? There’re still internet users using ie browser and even worst they still using ie6 browser to surf. Are they holding the spirit of old school or something?

When you buy a pc or laptop that have windows operating system, it’s bundled with ie browser. If you have windows xp, I’m sure you will get ie6 browser. In the office, for sure you get ie6 for old pc. Either you’re too lazy to install new browser or your company block any installation to the pc. :P

Whatever the reason is, here I list some of the css hack for ie that I know.

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