Useful Firefox SEO tools and extensions for bloggers & Web Designers

Today, we are going to look into 15+ Useful Firefox SEO tools and extensions for bloggers. Web designers who run blog may also need these tools.

1. SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox is definitely the most powerful Firefox SEO plugin. This plugin pulls useful marketing data points and integrate into your search results. For example, it pulls the PR, delicious save counts, Technorati links, Alexa rank, WhoIs information and etc. You can selectively turn it on and off by using the icon at Firefox status bar.
SEO for Firefox

2. SeoQuake

SeoQuake is a program that integrated in Firefox so that users can view a large number of search engine parameters on the fly. It consists of SeoToolbar, Seobar, and output of requested parameters on Search Engine Result Pages.

3. SEO Link Analysis

SEO Link Analysis enriches the link data in Google Webmaster Tools & Yahoo! Site Explorer by showing the PageRank of the linking page, the anchor text and whether the link is followed, nofollowed or no longer exists.
SEO Link Analysis

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FireFox add-on, Debug PHP Using Firefox with FirePHP

Typically, there are two main ways of debugging server-side code: you can utilize an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a built-in debugger or log and perform your debugging processes in a web browser.

How to Debug PHP Using Firefox with FirePHP

This article shares an elegant, simple, and more maintainable way of debugging Ajax apps via the web browser (more specifically for the Mozilla Firefox browser). You’ll learn the basics of leveraging Firefox in conjunction with Firebug and FirePHP to implement FirePHP libraries on web apps and logging messages in the Firebug console.

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Collection of Firefox 3.5 Plugins for Web Development And Social Network

I divided this article in three sections – Web development, Social development related plugins and finally just overall handy plugins for better browsing.

Also I must remind you, you will not find already popular and well known extensions here, since the mayor community already are know such plugins like – GreaseMonkey, WebDeveloper or Firebug tools for example. Just scroll through the list, check screenshots and hopefully several of these plugins will be useful for your daily Firefox internet browsing.

Web Development Related Firefox Plugins

1.Palette Grabber 0.4.1

Creates a color palette for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Flash, Fireworks, Paint.NET, or OS X based on the current page. This plugin is great using together with ColorPicker, actually extends possibilities.



Check the validity of links on any web page, this plugin is good for web designers and actually bloggers too.

There’s also a tool-bar button that can be added for easier access to LinkChecker. Just right click on your tool-bar, choose “Customize” and look for the button with the underlined blue check.


3.View Cookies

Just a little bit faster and handier way how to check site cookies.

It adds a tab to the Page Info dialog box, which shows the cookies of the

current web-page. This is interesting for developers, privacy-conscious users and others.


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Open Source Browser Performance Tool For IE By MySpace

MySpace is sharing an open source project named MySpace’s Performance Tracker which is an Internet Explorer plugin for capturing and measuring possible bottlenecks on webpages.

Myspace's Performance Tracker

The plugin is a great helper to developers for:

  • measure the CPU hit and memory footprint of your pages
  • reviewing screenshots of the page while it renders
  • reviewing rendered HTML on each point of the page’s lifecycle
  • viewing estimates of the time it takes to render each section of the page in different connection speeds
  • validating the content of pages against a set of proven “best practice” rules of web development.

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Collection of Essential Front End Web Developer Cheat Sheets

Markup Cheat Sheets

There’s a lot of cheat sheets available for CSS, html and any other web technology. I have picked a few that I believe stand out because they are able to assist you remebering important elements of key web technologies or because they are really well structured.

Print out your favorite Cheat Sheet and put it on the wall just next to your monitor to get instant access to help and reference.

CSS2 Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is designed to not only be a quick reference for CSS properties but also to give you a good feel for how each property should be used. It contains all of the properties in the CSS2 specification including a description of the syntax of each one. There are also sections that describe selectors, pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes, @ rules, and colors.


Gosquared CSS help sheets

Good looking and well structured CSS overview


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XRefresh: Automatic refresh your browser, Best of Designers and developers.

For every web designer & developer, refreshing the browsers to see the updates we make is a very common action.

XRefresh is a solution, specifically built for easing this process, which automatically refreshes browsers once an update to a file in our project folder is done.


It comes with 2 parts: a browser plugin (both for Firefox & IE) and an application (for Windows & Mac) which watches the changes made in the folders we mentioned.

Although it is handy for systems with one monitor, the best environment will probably be two monitors where the IDE & the browsers runs on each.

P.S. For Firefox, it requires Firebug to be installed.

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