Open Source Browser Performance Tool For IE By MySpace

MySpace is sharing an open source project named MySpace’s Performance Tracker which is an Internet Explorer plugin for capturing and measuring possible bottlenecks on webpages.

Myspace's Performance Tracker

The plugin is a great helper to developers for:

  • measure the CPU hit and memory footprint of your pages
  • reviewing screenshots of the page while it renders
  • reviewing rendered HTML on each point of the page’s lifecycle
  • viewing estimates of the time it takes to render each section of the page in different connection speeds
  • validating the content of pages against a set of proven “best practice” rules of web development.

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IE 8 New Feature, Multiple Session.

Good news for Gmail users, Internet Explorer 8 lets you to access multiple Gmail accounts. It provide users to access multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously and independently.

This is accomplished via the New Session option, which makes it possible to log onto Web sites that track your identity across different tabs–like Gmail.

Access Multiple Gmail AccountsIf you use Firefox, for instance, you can’t access multiple Gmail accounts open in multiple tabs or Windows. If you sign into a second one, you’ll get signed out of the first one when you try to do anything or If you sign in and you want to sign in with different account in new tab you can’t do this.

Though IE8 has removed this hurdle by adding New Session feature.

Here’s how to utilize this IE8 feature:

1. Open Internet Explorer 8 and login to your Gmail account. Make sure the Remember Me option is unchecked when you sign in.
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