Free web based Application to Submit Your Websites To Multiple CSS Galleries Easily: MeeCSS

CSS galleries are beautiful resources for getting inspired & promoting the websites we created.

In order to submit websites to these galleries, you need to:

  • have a list of the galleries
  • know which ones are more popular
  • browse all of them one-by-one


MeeCSS is a free web-based application which eases this process. It is not an automated submission system which would not be ethical.

It simply asks you to fill the information that will be required (name, e-mail, website address, etc.) & with the help of an iframe, you can submit to the galleries one-by-one by copy-pasting the fields you had filled.

It also displays to CSS galleries sorted by pageranks & enables you to select which galleries to submit.

P.S. it would be much easier if the selected fields were auto-selected (or better: auto-copied).


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