Easily produce more usable Form Entry Fields with ASP.NET : FormFields

FormFields is a very handy resource which makes it easier to produce more usable form entry fields with ASP.NET.

Rather than writing markup over and over for things like validation, regular expressions, dropdownlist databinding, etc., FormFields handles all the hassle for you.


Here is an example date input with a date picker & validation:

<formField:textBox ID="tb_SchoolDate" runat="server" Type="Date" Required="True"  Title="School Date" />

Yes, that easy & with a clean markup (the look & feel can be customized via CSS).

FormFields requires .Net Framework 3.5 & AjaxControlToolkit to run.

Requirements: .Net Framework 3.5 & AjaxControlToolkit
Website: http://formfields.naspinski.net/
Download: http://formfields.codeplex.com/Release/ProjectReleas…

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