Free Firefox Add-on Collections + Add-on Collector Extension

Firefox is web developer’s favorite web browser. One of the major reason for this fact is its ability to extend through add-ons. Now Firefox add-ons system has been redesigned to enhance users ability to find and share add-ons. The most significant improvements are the Add-on Collections and Add-on Collector.

Collections are a way for you to categorize, mix, match and mingle add-ons. You can subscribe to collections created by other users or create your own. Add-on Collector is an extension for Firefox that makes it easy to stay up-to-date with your favorite collections.

Add-on Collector Extension Features

  • Collections that you mark as favorites in the Collection Directory appear in a special part of the Add-ons Manager. You’ll be able to stay up-to-date and view the contents of each collection.
  • Each add-on you install is easily shared with a friend via e-mail or published to one of your collections through a publishing menu.
  • Collector will alert you when one of your favorite collections has a new item, and mark it for you to review later.
  • Auto-publisher functionality keeps your collection continuously updated with your latest add-ons, keeping your friends who subscribe up-to-date.

Few Collections For Web Developers & Designers

You can also think of collections and add-on collector extension as a social recommendation system for add-ons. Subscribe to see how the collections you admire grow, and fans follow when you manage and update your own collections.

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