Stunning Ajax File Manager: AjaXplorer

AjaXplorer is a free Ajax file manager with powerful features & an user-friendly interface.

It is built with PHP (4 & 5) & does not require any database to run. Just an upload & use solution.

Ajax File Manager Script

Some great features of AjaXplorer:

  • File/folder actions: rename/copy/move/delete/download
  • Multiple file upload with progress bar
  • Edit text files (syntax highlighting for js, php, html, java, sql & perl)
  • Images can be previewed & viewed as a slideshow
  • Mp3 files can be listened without downloading them
  • Flash videos can be viewed
  • ZIP files can be browsed & extracted
  • Bookmark system for reaching to the desired files easier
  • Multilanguage
  • Recursive search & more

AjaXplorer has a multi-user environment. The admin can create new users & assign the permitted directories/rights to those users.

The application also offers a high-level of usability with drag?n drop support, keyboard shortcuts, list / thumbnails views & ability to select multiple file / folders.

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