iCarousel – Free Open source JavaScript based Horizontal images slider

iCarousel is an open source (free) javascript tool for creating carousel like widgets.

One of the most common problems a web developer usually face is related to continuously rotate a fragment of content. It can be a presentation of headlines, small fragments of news or a list of thumbnails. The nature of the thing being rotated doesn’t matter too much here because all those kind of applications share always the same idea: Rotating.


This objective can be achieve in different ways like fading and scrolling. Well here is iCarousel becomes useful. It’s a one step forward trying to generalize all those types of widgets providing a rich presentation and making the task easy to be done.


iCarousel is fully configurable. You can change any default option just initializating the class with an object in JSON. The following options are available:

  • (object) animation
    • (string) type (default “fadeNscroll”, values: [“fadeNscroll”, “scroll”, “fade”]).
    • (string) direction (default “left”, values: [“top”, “left”]) – required only by “scroll” type.
    • (int) amount (default 1) – The amount of items to scroll :: required only by “scroll” type.
    • (function) transition (default Fx.Transition.Cubic.easeInOut).
    • (int) duration (default 500)
    • (object) rotate
      • (string) type (default “manual”, values: [“manual”, “auto”]).
      • (int) interval (default 5000 ms) – required only by “auto” type.
      • (string) onMouseOver (default “stop”, values: [“stop”, “proceed”]) – required only by “auto” type.
  • (object) item
    • (string) klass (default “item”)
    • (int) size (default 100) – The relevant size of item :: required only by “scroll” type.
  • (string) idPrevious (default “previous”)
  • (string) idNext (default “next”)
  • (string) idToggle (default “toggle”)

Full Article Link: http://zendold.lojcomm.com.br/icarousel/example6.asp

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