Free Customizable jQuery Gallery Plugin: Ad Gallery

Ad Gallery is a jQuery plugin for creating an image gallery/showcase quickly.

The plugin uses unordered lists & converts them by offering lots of options for a better customization.


Some features of the plugin are:

  • auto-start from any image
  • keyboard navigation support
  • custom effects like slide, fade..
  • show image descriptions
  • clicking the images close to the next-prev buttons will call more thumbnails
  • work as a slideshow with start-stop buttons
  • & more..

Ad Gallery preloads the images for a flawless display, however, if the image to be shown is not preloaded, it displays a loader & waits for the image to load.

And, depending on the image size to be presented, it auto-arranges the dimensions of the “container div” for a better fit.

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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