Easy CreatE Bar Charts With MooTools And jQuery

Ivan Lazarevic is sharing 2 different plugins for creating bar charts with jQuery & MooTools:

Both plugins can create simple or stacked bar charts & data to be displayed is loaded with an array.

jqBarGraph has support for animated loading of the charts however mooBarGraph offers more features like:

  • url bars
  • info boxes (interactive charts)
  • negative values
  • AJAX data loading

They are both very easy to use & support all major browsers.

Requirements: MooTools or jQuery
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Website: http://workshop.rs/2010/02/moobargraph-ajax-graph-fo…
Website 2: http://workshop.rs/2009/12/jqbargraph-jquery-graph-p…
Demo: http://workshop.rs/projects/moobargraph

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