Best jQuery Menu Plugins- Free & Easy

jdMenu Hierarchical Menu Plugin for jQuery

The jdMenu plugin for jQuery provides a clean, simple and elegant solution for creating hierarchical drop down menus for websites to web applications.

Superfish ? jQuery menu plugin by Joel Birch

Superfish is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu (so it degrades gracefully without JavaScript)

jQuery Context Menu Plugin

A context menu plugin for jQuery that features easy implementation, keyboard shortcuts, CSS styling, and control methods.

jQuery Simple Drop-Down Menu Plugin

The peculiarity of this menu is that these 20 lines of code and absence of various cumbersome mouse events within html code.

LavaLamp jQuery mernu plugin

This plugin implements horizontal menu with beatiful sliding effect.


jGlideMenu is jQuery plugin that supports inline and AJAX menu definitions and uses an easier syntax than the original version.


Emenu is designed to create a fixed-width, fixed-height drop down menu contained within a header image.

jQuery iPod-style Drilldown Menu

iPod-style drilldown menu to help users traverse hierarchical data quickly and with control. It’s especially helpful when organizing large data structures that don’t translate well into traditional dropdown or fly-out menus.

jQuery menu plugin

A jQuery menu plugin. It?s a drop down menu, which behaves like an application menu (click to open, click to close, stays open even after hovering elsewhere). It supports menu creation through HTML markup or through JavaScript. The plugin tries to position its submenus inside the visible area when there is not enough space at the right or bottom border (dimensions plugin required).

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