Design Resource | 25 Best Sites to Download Free Vector Files

As a designer its always handy to have a collection of pre-made vector objects to use in your designs, but finding a best/perfect piece of vector is not an easy task, even though there are quite a few resources around the web, some of the websites are best and others are not worth checking, here I’ve collected best 25 websites of them  where you can download free vector files, all these sits are worth bookmarking, hope you like this list..

1) 123Vectors

Sites to download Free Vectors

2) QVectors

Sites to download Free Vectors

3) Vecteezy

Sites to download Free Vectors

4) Vector Vally

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Multi-Level Accordion Script: TinyAccordion


This updated accordion script is powerful and lightweight at only 1.4kb. It now includes multi-level support, the option to allow multiple panels to expand concurrently, and a hide/show all toggle. I have reverted the markup to a div based structure to eliminate any validation issues with the definition tables in the previous version. Check back for more posts and scripts soon. Continue reading

Breaking Apart – Photoshop Tutorial- Easy guide

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a breaking apart effect using some simple, but effective, techniques in Photoshop.

One of the greatest tools in Photoshop which is often overlooked is layer masks and when used correctly, they can blend images together seamlessly, giving that professional touch.

We are going to combine the masks with brushes to compliment the original source image with subtle elements.

Once you have completed this tutorial you can experiment with your own findings and combine the techniques used to create a unique and inspiring work. Continue reading

Interface Design Techniques to Simplify and De-clutter Your Interfaces

What is simplicity? Simplicity is the quality of being natural, plain and easy to understand. It is not surprising then that simplicity is often thrived for in user interface design. Most people naturally dislike complexity in devices and software. Yes, some people find joy in figuring out how something works, but for most of us, being unable to operate a device leads to wasted time and frustration, and that’s not a good thing.

If you can take a complex device or a piece of software and somehow rearrange, reorganize and redesign the interface to make it easy to use and understand, then you’re well on the way to delivering a better user experience.

In this article I’m going to talk about 7 practical techniques that you can utilize in web design to make your websites or web applications simpler and less cluttered. Continue reading

Free Incredible Photoshop Image Manipulation Techniques and Tutorials Collection.

All of these tutorials will show you how to take the simplest image and create something eye-popping and professional. Each one uses different techniques to achieve the result, and I am sure you would agree they are all amazing.
Each image below shows the before and after to give you the full effect.

Photoshop Mermaid Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial
Image Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

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