Collection of Stylish Examples of Headers in Web Design

A website’s header is one of the first things a user sees when opening your website so it’s important to get it right; if a user doesn’t like your header design, they may just leave your website before even looking at what content you have to offer.

There are many different types of headers, and in this collection, we’ll show you 25 beautiful header designs from various types of websites in the hopes of inspiring your creativity.

1. 61 Pixels


2. Abduzeebo


3. Ali Felski


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Best scripts collection of CSS and jQuery for interactive Webdesign

Ziel vieler Webdesigner ist es mit JavaScript bzw. den zur Verfügung stehenden Frameworks, die Nutzerführung der Webseitenbesucher zu verbessern. Da sich der erste Teil der Artikel-Serie CSS and jQuery for interactive Webdesign eher auf “Elemente in Bewegung” bezog, werden in diesem zweiten Teil Plugins zur Verbesserung der Nutzerführung vorgestellt. Ob dem Filtern von Tabelleninhalten, der veränderten Darstellung von Links basierend auf den Klickverhalten der Webseitenbesucher oder der grafischen Darstellung von Daten durch das jQuery-Plugin jqPlot, die Auswahl zeigt das mit wenigen eigenen Zeilen JavaScript, interessante und durchaus nützliche Effekte erzielt werden können.

Versatile and Expandable jQuery Plotting Plugin!
jQuery Plotting

Create A Tabbed Content Rotator Using jQuery
Tabbed Content Rotator

Using jQuery Visited Plug-In
Visited Plugin

Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data
Table Filter

Inline Form Labels
Inline Form Labels

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Optimal Line Length Principle Applied to Web Design

The other day I pointed out some of the differences between web design and print design. It started me thinking about some of the things I learned as a print designer that are also applicable to web design. One of the most useful is the Principle of Optimal Line Length. It states that, for any given font-size of a multiple-line block of type (like a paragraph), there is a range of line lengths and line-heights that most people consider easily readable.

optimal line length

Those 3 attributes—font-size, line-height, line length—are inter-related.* Change one, and you may need to change at least one of the others for most people to consider the text readable. In simple terms it means that, the wider the line length, the greater the line-height must be. Or, the bigger the font, the wider the line length. Or, the greater the line-height, the bigger the font. Continue reading

Why Does Clean Markup Matter in Web Design, Web 2.0

Because the web is a changing and ever evolving organism, it?s important to build sites that can grow with it and easily ride the current instead of drowning when a new wave approaches.

Clean markup and building with web standards not only helps you do this, but will save you both time and money in the long run.

As the web expands, so the technologies that it uses grow with it. While HTML has been around for a long time, it has acquired quite a few sidekicks along the way.

First Javascript, then CSS, XML and later AJAX. Wide adoption of HTML 5 is just around the corner, with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome already enjoying nearly full HTML 5 support (the slow kid on the block, Internet Explorer, is lagging behind as usual).

In this article, we?ll review the basics of web standards, what they are, what they mean to you, and some important tips to help you deal with this important and often neglected issue. Continue reading

Useful Web Design Books for 2009

1. Web Design: Navigation – Julius Wiedemann

Web Design: Navigation

This addition to the popular ICONS Web Design series focuses on very carefully crafted navigation systems, where usability and narrative are taken in consideration in the development of the website.

Featuring over 90 projects from more than 20 countries, as well as case studies on outstanding work by the world?s leading studios such as Fahrenheit, Clusta, and Sequence, this collection illustrates the ingenious solutions to one of the most difficult and important aspects of web design.

Released: March 2009


2. The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing

The Findability Formula

Whether you?re a seasoned search marketer, a paid search advertiser, or a complete novice, this book will help position your business front-and-center when prospects are searching for solutions online.

In simple, non-technical language, renowned search engine marketing expert Heather Lutze reveals how to achieve ?findability? through the use of the ideal keywords applied to both pay per click campaigns and organic search optimization. She includes a wealth of creative strategies for keeping campaigns fresh and effective, so that you can re-energize stale Web sites or tweak successful ones to make them even more profitable.

In addition, Lutze explains how to respond to your customers and understand their issues, wants, and needs so that you can more easily turn prospects into customers. Her step-by-step approach, up-to-date research, and warnings about common pitfalls make this the ultimate practical guide to getting your business noticed on the Internet.

Released: March 2009

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3. A Project Guide to UX Design: For User Experience Designers In The Field or In The Making – Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler

UX Design

This book presents a chapter-by-chapter guide through an appropriate User Experience process, as well as provides additional information on the creating SOWs and Proposals, Project Ecosystem, best practices for meetings, and understanding business requirements.

User Experience neophytes and professionals alike should be able to find information relevant to any phase of a project in this book.

Released: March 2009

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102 Websites Worth Watching and 40 Web Design Artists.

Indian Costumes design-inspiration

I am continuing Top DeviantArtist worth watching series and now I stopped to the best web designers I could find. I only listed those artists, whom layouts I found to be really unique and inspiring, taking classical web design actually to the next level. These layouts are really artworks with amazing details, You usually don?t see browsing through the web. Consider this article as inspirational article now and if You choose to watch those artists, then inspiration blasts in long term. At first I wanted to pick only 2 website examples from each artists, but there was several so amazing webdesigns, where I couldn?t stop and picked 3 or 4 examples. Enjoy this list, hope this will help to get inspired in regular basis! Continue reading