WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

It is totally up to you that how much plugins you need to install in order to get a better search engine ranking. But try to keep the amount to minimum so that you won?t crash your server. Today, we are going to look into 13 WordPress plugins that will increase your search engine ranking.

1. All in One SEO Pack

This plugin enables certain modifications to your WordPress blog to achieve Search Engine Optimization. For example, you can customize your post title, post description and post tags for individual post. Furthermore, this plugin also has features such as auto generates Cononical URLS for your entire WordPress site and select index/noindex for various archives pages.

2. Broken Link Checker

This plugin will monitors links in your site and list out links that don?t work or any missing images. The reason why this plugin is essential is because you may write an article and link to www.domain.com. This link may goes down in future and become dead ends for search engine. By using this plugin, you can get notifications immediately and remove these dead ends.

3. Google XML Sitemaps Generator

This plugin will create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog. A sitemap will help search engine spiders to crawl your content. The generated sitemap also supported by other search engine such as Yahoo, MSN and Ask.com. Continue reading

WordPress SEO – 6 basic tips for better SEO

What most people don?t realize is that, WordPress is Google friendly, the problem is that some WordPress Themes actually interface with search engines ? not WordPress itself.
Here is the list of 6 tips that will help you rank better in Google. This tips won?t guarantee you first page rankings. Some parts of this article are inspired from WordPress SEO – The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Theme Search Engine Optimization.


1. Generating a sitemap for Google

First step that you want to make when you want to promote your website, is to make a sitemap. More info about sitemaps.
You can generate a sitemap manually or by using a plugin like Google XML Sitemaps.
The first thing you have to do is download and unzip the plugin. The next step is to configure the plugin.
Navigate to the ?Settings -> XML-Sitemap? page in your WordPress Admin and scroll down to the ?Basic Options? section. Continue reading

Easy Keyword Position Analysis: Exactfactor

Exactfactor is a free web based service that enables you to analyze the positions of keywords of a website in major search engines.

It lets you to add competitors & compare your website?s results with a competitor.

SEO Keyword Compare

Another nice feature is the ability to add alerts. You can get alerts when:

  • keywords you mentioned become the top 1, top5, etc. in the search engines
  • your website beats a competitor for the given keywords

Continue reading

Do you want to enter the blogosphere like a quiet librarian enters a classroom, or do you want to rock the stage? I am definitely one to rock stuff out and in this article I will share a few tips to help you make an attention grabbing launch.

If you want to give your blog an exciting launch, your blog needs to be valuable to your target audience, otherwise your hard work will be in vain.

Ask yourself this simple question ?Does my blog provide something that a thousand other blogs don?t?? If you don?t have something special to offer, no one will care when you launch or how you launch.

There will always be a certain category of blogs that will not qualify for a special launch and it is up to you to determine if your blog fits that category. Now let?s look at 10 ways that you can launch your new blog with a ?bang?.

1. Prepare amazing content in advance

Do you want a guaranteed way to launch with a bang? Prepare amazing content before you launch. I am not talking about a quick general post, I want you to take the time of your life to create the most astounding post you have ever come across.

Get some early feedback on the first article and if you don?t get a positive enthusiastic reply, store your article for later and work on something that would give your audience the ?wow? factor.

If your message is not worth spreading then millions in advertising will also fail you. The most true and tried method of creating hype surrounding your blog is by creating some really good content and letting the users do the talking.

If you can successfully amaze ten people and get them excited about your blog, you can expect them to share your blog with a 100 more people and this process would go on until the hype expires.

The idea is to convince your first visitors that they have come across a truly great new blog and they absolutely have to share it. No one will share a blog that has poor content or no content at all. If you want a real head start, you will need some truly refreshing content that urges your readers to share it. Continue reading

How To Create Your Permalink Structure More User And SEO-friendly

title-permalink Okay, this time it will be just a small tip, I see many people do not know about. I must say this tip is for WordPress blog users, I don’t know what kind of system is in other blogs.

So what am I talking about??
Every WordPress blog user should use and customize their permalink structure. What permalink means and stand for? Permalinks are the permanent URLs to Your individual blog posts, categories, archives and others. It is URL that follows after Your web site address for example I use (example.com as web site front page address) – example.com/follows-permalink-address. You see?

This is default address to blog posts after installing WordPress blog – http://example.com/?p=123, WordPress calls this “Ugly” link and I cannot agree more :) Continue reading