Image slicing and CSS – Best for Designers to know aobut image formats.


Although CSS can do lot’s of stuff by itself, it also relies a lot on images. Websites without bullets, icons and backgrounds aren’t that lovely to see.

When we slice and dice our designs in order to create a website, optimizing the images is a key factor when we are focusing in our site’s response time.

Be clever with image file formats and you’ll go a step further in optimizing your site.

The image file types

In web, there are three image file types we can use:

  • .gif (Graphic interchange format)
  • .jpg (Joint photographic experts group)
  • .png (Portable network graphics)


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Get Free Color Palettes Of Images Easily by Pictaculous

Pictaculous is a free web-based service which generates the color palette of an image you upload.

And, it provides color palette suggestions from Adobe Kuler & Colourlovers which can be used with the image.


Once the color palette is created, it can be downloaded as an Adobe Swatch file.

Pictaculous also enables you to send the image & get results via e-mail (which is nice for using the service in phones). Continue reading

Collection of Beautiful & Free PSDs For Charming Designs

For many users, according to the Photoshop knowledge level, it is sometimes hard to create what is in mind. And, for everyone, having a well-designed object can call the inspiration & help us to create better.

In both cases, for Photoshop users, quality & free PSD files are a treasure. Whether you use them in a tiny part of the whole or build your composition around them, they will help a lot.

Here is a collection of 35 beautiful & free PSDs for charming designs:

Colorful Nature


80 PSD Raindrops

PSD Raindrops

Slick and Clean Button (With Tutorial)

PSD Submit Button

Swirl Mania

PSD Swirls

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jQuery Image Preview Plugin: imgPreview

imgPreview is a jQuery plugin that enables users to preview images before clicking on them.

If the image is clicked later, it will be shown instantly as it will already be preloaded at the preview.

jQuery Image Preview PluginThe image preview is shown in a chic tooltip-like box.

The plugin is unobtrusive, does not use non-semantic classes. It detects the anchors that link to images and apply the preview effect only to them.

There are various configuration options that comes with imgPreview like defining the css pf the image to be previewed, its distance from the cursor, whether the images will be preloaded or not, callback functions & more.

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imgAreaSelect: A jQuery Plugin For Selectable Areas On Images

imgAreaSelect is a jQuery plugin that enables you to create selectable areas on images which is a widely used technique for cropping images.

Once an area is selected, you can get the x-y coordinates & apply any actions on that part of the image like cropping or implementing effects.

jQuery Image Select Plugin

The plugin is very flexible & offers options like:

  • aspect ratio
  • max height, max width
  • opacity
  • whether it can be resize or not
  • keyboard support & more..

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10 Image and Gallery Lightbox Solutions for WordPress – Plugins

The easiest way to create an image gallery within WordPress is by using the add feature (from WP 2.5+), but to give your gallery something extra you may wish to add the Lightbox effect. Originally developed by, Lightbox has gained widespread popularity because it is easy to use and it gives a professional and stylish finish to your images.

Lightbox 2 WP Plugin

WP Lightbox Plugins

Description : Lightbox 2 allows you to present images in a slick window, while darkening the rest of the page. It gives your site a professional feel and adds very little to page load times. Lightbox 2 works on almost every web browser out there, if a browser doesn?t support javascript, the code fails gracefully.
This is the simplest and easiest plugin to use, if its an easy image gallery you want, this is for you.
Compatibility :Up to WP 2.7.
Demo : View Demo.

jQuery Lightbox Plugin WP Plugin

WP Lightbox Plugins

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