Free Jquery Plugin for making of Beautiful & Attractive Forms – Uniform

Uniform is a jQuery plugin that enables you to control the look & feel of form elements (checkboxes, drop down menus, radio buttons & file upload inputs).

It is unobtrusive & works by hiding the original elements + replacing them with custom ones.

Uniform is very easy to use & can be set to convert every form element on the page or any specific ones.

The plugin has theming support & comes with a theme kit to quickly create unique forms.

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Best Collection of Free Jquery form Elements.

To present a better user experience, we often need to take good care of the little details like the functionality and interactivity of tables, forms, images or other media resources; excellent navigation and security is also a must. So today i am prsenting Best collection of Jquery form elements.

JQuery Form Elements Collection

Ajax Fancy Captcha – jQuery plugin –
Ajax Fancy Captcha is a jQuery plugin that helps you protect your web pages from bots and spammers. We are introducing you to a new, intuitive way of completing “verify humanity” tasks. In order to do that you are asked to drag and drop a specified item into a circle. Captcha’s security level is only medium, with the emphasis on nice looking and user-friendly qualities that still offer reasonable protection from unwanted “guests”. The basic design and elements are easy to change and customize; take a look at the file structure for more information.


Password Strength – Estimates brute force time (jQuery plugin)
Brute force, if your site it attacked, this hacking method can be the very devil. This plugin shows the strength of your passwords by telling you how long it would take to brute force them.


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Web form validation tool. Free Image-Based Captcha: VidoopCAPTCHA

VidoopCAPTCHA is a free verification solution that works image-based which is unusual compared to the widely-used text-based ones.

It aims to be a more user-friendly solution as text-based captchas can sometimes be so hard to read for humans besides bots.

Image Based Captcha

VidoopCaptcha is a hosted service & have plugins for WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and Drupal. Also, there are libraries for programming languages such as PHP, Python, and .NET.

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Best Jquery Tool to encrypting POST/GET data submitted by forms: jCryption

Normally, when a data is submitted, it is sent in plain text if no SSL is used.

jCryption is a jQuery plugin for encrypting POST/GET data submitted by forms.

It uses public-key algorithm of RSA for the encryption & has a PHP file for handling the decryption of data.

JavaScript Encyrption

Some features of jCryption:

  • encryption up to 2048 bit
  • AjaxSubmit supported
  • doesn’t block the browser on calculations

The plugin is easy to install, use and extend. Calling the jCryption function:


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Best Collection of Eye-Catching Registration Pages, Samples for Designers & Developers,

It’s incredible the amount of sites that have acquired a bad taste for web form design. A good registration form is assertive, and collected, however a great registration page is clean and offers a creative edge that forces you to take a second glance at the design. Some of the pages listed below were chosen for their attention demanding illustrations, while others because of their cleanliness and ease of usability.

Registration Page Post Image

Registration Page Post Image

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Best Collection of Inspiring Examples of Sign-Up Pages, ideas for designers

It’s better to save your creativity for the other pages which will be redirecting the user to the sign-up page.

Start a trial and error phase to test out what your audience might specifically be attracted to as this will vary from site to site.

Here are 25 creative examples of sign-up pages which you can use as a starting point for inspiration when designing your own.

1. Wufoo

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