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active directory bible.pdf
addison wesley – a programmer’s guide to java certification. second edition.chm
addison wesley – an introduction to parallel computing, second edition.chm
addison wesley – building solutions with the mi*****ft .net compact framework.chm
addison wesley – code reading. the open source perspective.chm
addison wesley – database design for mere mortals.chm
addison wesley – designing storage area networks. 2nd edition.chm
addison wesley – eclipse modeling framework.chm
addison wesley – hypertransport system architecture.chm
addison wesley – ip storage networking. straight to the core.chm
addison wesley – java development on pda’s. building applications for pocket pc and palm devices.chm
addison wesley – managing software requirements, second edition.chm
addison wesley – mda explained. the model driven architecture.chm
addison wesley – moving to linux. kiss the blue screen of death goodbye!.chm
addison wesley – open source web development with lamp.chm
addison wesley – pci express system architecture.chm
addison wesley – perl medic. transforming legacy code.chm
addison wesley – pocket pc network programming.chm
addison wesley – principles of the business rule approach.chm
addison wesley – rational unified process made easy.chm
addison wesley – real 802.11 security. wi-fi protected access and 802.11i.chm
addison wesley – rtp. audio and video for the internet.chm
addison wesley – software architecture in practice, second edition.chm
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Digital Photography All In One Desk Reference For Dummies

Digital Photography All In One Desk Reference For Dummies


From picking your camera to posting photos on the Web, here’s what you need to know about digital photography in eight easy-to-use minibooks! Packed with full-color examples that will get your creative juices flowing, this guide helps you take better pictures; edit, organize, and share them; restore vintage prints and more. Continue reading

Digital Photography Expert Techniques (Paperback)

O’Reilly Digital Photography: Expert Techniques Oct. 2006
Whether you’re a new photographer or an experienced pro, this book will guide you through the labyrinth of options and choices you face from the moment you see a photo opportunity to the time you share your final results. And it will help you minimize the time needed to fix your mistakes along the way.

Through step-by-step procedures based on years of experience, professional photographer Ken Milburn describes a complete workflow sequence that begins with essential equipment and preparation, takes you through detailed editing techniques, and ends with your finished images looking the way you want, ready to be shown to the world.

This completely revised edition of Milburn’s original bestseller teaches you everything you need to do before, during, and after the editing process. Continue reading

Digital Photography Pocket Guide, Third Edition (Pocket Reference ) (eBook)


Even film diehards have a tough time resisting the instant gratification of the digital camera. Today’s digital cameras are more affordable then ever before, and they deliver high quality images that are a snap to share. Plus, you can take risks with a digital camera you never would with a film camera. You waste nothing; there’s no film required, and because you only print the pictures you need, digital photography is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

But to take full advantage of a digital camera, you need to be an experienced photographer and an expert at digital photography too. With more than 15 years of experience as a photojournalist, author Derrick Story brings you Digital Photography Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition. For everyone who owns or will own a digital camera (and that pretty much means everyone!), this is the perfect on-the-go guide for taking top-notch digital photos.
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