WordPress SEO – 6 basic tips for better SEO

What most people don?t realize is that, WordPress is Google friendly, the problem is that some WordPress Themes actually interface with search engines ? not WordPress itself.
Here is the list of 6 tips that will help you rank better in Google. This tips won?t guarantee you first page rankings. Some parts of this article are inspired from WordPress SEO – The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Theme Search Engine Optimization.


1. Generating a sitemap for Google

First step that you want to make when you want to promote your website, is to make a sitemap. More info about sitemaps.
You can generate a sitemap manually or by using a plugin like Google XML Sitemaps.
The first thing you have to do is download and unzip the plugin. The next step is to configure the plugin.
Navigate to the ?Settings -> XML-Sitemap? page in your WordPress Admin and scroll down to the ?Basic Options? section. Continue reading

Collection of CSS Button Styling Tutorials and Techniques

Submit button should look same everywhere

CSS Button TutorialLink : Visit Tutorial »
Description : When someone works on a website design, it is important that the look will remain same in all browsers. But creating a consistent interface for users is a constant struggle for every application designer. Building consistency on the web is especially tough because the visual rendering differences across browsers and operating systems are wildly different and almost arbitrary in what can and cannot be done. This technique will show you how to make submit buttons that appear the same across all browsers.

How to make sexy buttons with CSS

CSS Button TutorialLink : Visit Tutorial »
Description : This tutorial will teach you how to create pretty looking textual buttons (with alternate pressed state) using CSS.
Since you will want your buttons to be flexible, you’ll have to make the background image expand with the relevant size of the button’s text, using the sliding doors technique.

Scalable CSS Buttons Using PNG and Background Colors

CSS Button TutorialLink : Visit Tutorial »
Description : Create dynamic CSS buttons using PNG, transparency and background colors that degrades nicely and supports full scalability. With full scalability it means it should resize in all directions according to the font size and content. Continue reading

Free & Powerful File Managers using Ajax/PHP/JS

If you are looking for a powerful file manager ready to use in your web projects and simple to customize, take a look at this list with the best and free file manager currently in circulation. Some of these file managers support PHP only or javascript only or Ajax that will give you powerful tool to easily browse directories & files on the server, search, upload and download files, edit, copy, move, delete files and more.

If you know other interesting resources about this topic please leave a comment!

1. AjaXplorer

Ajax File Manager

AjaXplorer is a free Ajax file manager with an easy-to-install file explorer for remotely managing files on a web server. Its ?rich client? layout and actions make it accessible to any end-user for a variety of purposes: file management/sharing, photo gallery, code browsing, etc. Only PHP (4 or 5) is necessary, no database needed.

  • Rename/Copy/Move/Delete/Download files or folders
  • Upload multiple files and track status with progress bar (Flash required and no https)
  • Create folders and empty files
  • Edit Text files and code files (js, php, html, java, sql, perl), syntax is highlighted in the editor
  • View Images online, preview images in the list, diaporama of a given folder
  • Listen to MP3sonline without downloading them
  • View Flash videos (FLV) online and full screen.
  • Browse and Extract ZIP files online

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Free Open Source Online Invoice System: siwapp

siwapp is an open source web application, built with PHP (Symfony), that enables anyone to create & manage invoices with ease.

The application has a slick interface & provides a simple usage to create professional-looking invoices.

Open Source Invoicing

Some features of siwapp:

  • invoices with different serial numbers can be managed
  • invoices can be downloaded as PDF files
  • periodical invoices can be created automatically
  • & more

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