Amazing Retouching And Photo Enhancing Tutorials In Photoshop

As graphic designer retouching photographies is essential skill You need to master. You could talk about principles, but at least I started with simple photo editing on Photoshop, trying to take off red eyes, lumps and change backgrounds of pictures I was using. In this You?ll find everything You need – facial and portrait, teeth, lips, eye retouching, background remove as well as simple color adjustments in video and image-based tutorials. In fact for color adjustments I would suggest You look for some premade actions available on deviantart, very handy if You?re just starting out. This list is not so big because it is carefully picked, I am starting to think it?s better to get quality than quantity. Enjoy!

1. Facial And Portrait Retouching

Professional Photographic Retouching Tutorial (40Mins, Start-To-Finish)

This is the second tutorial in a series on photographic retouching. The first part was all about evening skin tonal values and removing blemishes. In this part I will take you through everything else. So, as a result it?s a long video (40 Mins).


High Quality Portrait Retouching Part 1

Tutorial will try to demonstrate the level of editing that goes into removing any discrepancies in the skin.

Glamour Model Complete Retouching

In thiis lesson we?ll see how to retouch a face?s photo and make from a simple picture a very original one


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Essential Free Portable Web Design and Development Applications

All of these freeware applications have been in some cases, modified and trimmed down in size to allow them to fit on to a portable device like a USB drive or a portable hard drive. Rather than carrying a bulky laptop, you can carry all your applications and programs, your bookmarks, local servers, emails, passwords, graphic editors and favorite browsers with you anywhere in your pocket. What a great idea!

Portable Web Browsers

Portable Web Design and Development FreewareURL & Download : Avant Browser.
Description : There does not seem to be a portable version of Internet Explorer, this is the closest I could find, and it is better. The layout was designed to be more flexible and ergonomic than IE. It even supports (the terribly) few IE addins and toolbars and the list of features and tools in itself are pretty impressive as well.
Download Size : 300kb.
OS : All Windows only.

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35 Beautiful High Resolution WallPaper Collection


Having inspiring picture on Your desktop always help – every time You look at specified picture, You look to it carefully and slowly find out how idea has been created and if You learn from the best – You are taking something from that work too. Take the best out of these creative works, and evolve Your eye view together with us.

I found several great sources so just check given sites for more wallpapers and get inspired!

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Adobe Lightroom 2.2 extends RAW support for 7 new digital cameras

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 provides photographers with a complete solution for importing, processing, managing and showcasing their photos.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.2

The 2.2 upgrade, which is free for Adobe Lightroom users extends the RAW file support for 7 new cameras : Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon PowerShot G10, Panasonic DMC-G1, Panasonic DMC-FX150, Panasonic DMC-FZ28, Panasonic DMCLX3, and Leica D-LUX 4. Continue reading