Open Source, MultiUser, iGoogle-Like Start Pages For Intranets: Picok

Picok (personal information cockpit) is an open source, multi-user script where users can create their own iGoogle-like start pages.

It is ideal for intranets as an admin account can pre-define the available components like feed addresses & users can select items from that list.


Similar to iGoogle, the items can be:

  • drag’n dropped
  • minimized
  • configured

The script has integration support for Lotus Notes, Doodle, Wikipedia, Google Maps & more. Also, users can create post-it notes.

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Best WordPress Plugins Collection for Designers and developers,

If you want to show off your web design credentials to the world, then WordPress is the perfect blogging platform to use: it’s simple, accessible and highly customisable. Nevertheless, you’re not going to be able to create a professional standard WordPress blog with great work and creativity alone, you’re also going to need some rather nifty plugins.

There are literally thousands of plugins currently available and, believe me, sifting through them can be an arduous task: some are absolutely brilliant, but many more are mediocre or totally pointless. The 15 superior plugins outlined below are all perfectly suited to the aspiring web designer looking to show off their wares. They’ll boost levels of traffic to your site, integrate your blog with Facebook, increase your productivity and make for a more interactive and interesting visitor experience.

WP Greet Box

Download WordPress plugin

You can greatly increase the readership of your blog with this ingenious plugin that provides visitors to your site with a tailored welcome message. New visitors can be invited to subscribe to your RSS feed, Digg your posts, or follow you on Twitter, depending on how they have clicked onto your site. Smashing Magazine, a site devoted to web design, has used this plugin, so you know it’s good!

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Creating A Slick Ajaxed Shopping Cart With jQuery And PHP

It is a clear fact that Ajaxed interfaces, if not overused, eases using websites so much.

For an e-commerce website, this can mean a better shopping experience for customers where they can concentrate more on the products which may result in better sales.

jQuery Ajax Shopping Cart

This is a detailed tutorial which shows creating an unobtrusive Ajaxed shopping cart using jQuery & PHP and can guide you to Ajaxify any e-commerce software you may already be using or coding.

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Huge Collection of Creative E-Commerce Icons Collection

Using icons in e-commerce websites is almost a standard as users generally search for a shopping cart icon to view the items in the basket or credit card icons to findout if such a payment option exists.

With this 2nd post of E-Commerce Week, here is a collection of free e-commerce icons that you can use in your projects.

WebResourcesDepot E-Commerce Icons (Vectors Included)

E-Commerce Icons

The free e-commerce icon set is created exclusively for WebResourcesDepot by the talented team at IconShock (like promised).

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Best Collection of Eye-Catching Registration Pages, Samples for Designers & Developers,

It’s incredible the amount of sites that have acquired a bad taste for web form design. A good registration form is assertive, and collected, however a great registration page is clean and offers a creative edge that forces you to take a second glance at the design. Some of the pages listed below were chosen for their attention demanding illustrations, while others because of their cleanliness and ease of usability.

Registration Page Post Image

Registration Page Post Image

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