Instantly Customizable Icons: Iconza

Iconza is a free icon set which can be customized instantly with the help of a web-based application.

Users can choose any color, background color & size (16*16px, 24*24px or 32*32px) for the icons. After that, whole set (PNG files) can be downloaded as a ZIP file.

The set has 70 icons & covers the most popular ones that can be used in web applications like actions, arrows, users, e-mail, RSS & more.

Customizable Icon Set

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Versatile Adobe Flash Menu and Navigation Tutorials

Flash design is being used less and less within web design nowadays, ads and games aside. We all know how about its down sides, and everyone certainly hates the ?Click here to open in Full Screen? links that are, fortunately, not being used as much as in years gone by. There is no denying it though, visually Flash is beautiful. Is it time for a revival?
Below we have 22 Flash Menu and Navigation Tutorials, they can all be used for all website designs, whether it be CSS or Flash. Download or Buy Adobe Flash CS4 Professional »

Versatile ActionScript 3.0 Menu with Masking

Flash Navigation and Menu TutorialsLink : View Tutorial »
Description : You will learn in this tut a quick and solid way of using basic ActionScript skills, blended with a bit of your own creativity, to construct an intuitive and user friendly navigation system.
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Glass Aero Flash Menu with Fade Effect

Flash Navigation and Menu TutorialsLink : View Tutorial »
Description : In this tutorial you will learn how to make a Vista Aero-like flash menu with awesome fade effect using Flash CS3. Continue reading

Use PHP Functions In JavaScript: PHP.JS

PHP.JS is a JavaScript library that enables anyone to use PHP functions client-side.

It can be very helpful to any developer who wants to get the PHP functions on static pages, get the extra functionality (like being able to use file_get_contents(), mktime(), serialize() ) & take the load off the server.


Currently ~400 functions are ported & there are still ones being experimented or waiting to be included. But it is possible to find the most popular ones (even md5()).

The download packages can be totally customized & it is possible to get only the functions you need besides all of them. Continue reading

Fancy Capatcha Using of Ajax

Ajax Fancy Captcha is a jQuery plugin that helps you protect your web pages from boys and spammers in a new, intuitive way of completing ?verify humanity? tasks. In order to do that users are asked to drag and drop specified item into a circle.

The code calls captcha.php file and gets a random number. Php file just generates simple number and put it in session. When AJAX got that number it creates items based on that number. Lets imagine that we have array of ?pencil?, ?scissors?, ?clock?, ?heart?, ?note?, so if number 3 is returned it will take ?heart? and look for item-heart.png file in /imgs directory.

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